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The dutch word for 'friendship'

because sharing a picture in Flickr

feels like sharing a picture with friends


for Crazy Tuesday # Letters


seen in a shopwindow

Tag 031/365

7DWF: crazy tuesday = locks (Schloss)


mit diesem Koffer/Truhe reiste meine Urgroßmutter, (nicht wie erst gedacht die Großtante (vielleicht auch, aber die Initialen sind die älteren)


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For the Crazy Tuesday theme "Hobby ".


As you perhaps already know …..I like to fold ;-) Mostly I fold origami models designed by others, but I also created a few myself. If you're interested have a look at 'my own creations album.


I folded this origami maple leaf from one sheet of very thin paper with a shiny glow (17x17cm), waiting for some time to be used ;-))

Final size: 9,5x9,5cm


Model: origami Maple Leaf, Ver.22.5

Design: Kasumi Seishi

Diagrams in Tanteidan 15th Convention Book

"Ho, ho, ho… are you? Do hope you are enjoying your preparations for Xmas, despite all restrictions due to the virus. Here in origami-land we also have to stay home…, so I decided to create some new designs for wrapping paper ;-)).

Take care, stay safe and we will see each other next year!", says this hardworking Santa.


I folded it from a 15x15cm red kamipaper. Final size: 10,5cm.


Model: origami Santa Claus

Design: Sakurai Ryosuke / Saku B

Diagrams in the book 'Origami of the sky' by Saku B


For the 😄 HaPpY CrAzY Tuesday 😄 theme 'Festive'.

Himmelblauer Trabant

“You know, rust is just oxidation. The same chemical process as fire. Oxygen interacts with steel, electrons drift from one element to the other. So really, rust is a slow fire. Isn't that weird? Water causes something to burn.”

Quote ― Leah Raeder


For the Crazy Tuesday theme "Textures".

😄 HaPpY CrAzY Tuesday 😄

Rhema Bible College in Broken Arrow lights up each year with millions of lights, this is only a pinch of the production. Festive cheer.

It is Fact

Opposites attract

May it be the Size or Colour

All the same would be much duller

Focus In or Focus Out

We know what that’s all about

Light or Darkness

That’s the Question

Please find the Answer

In my starry Composition


Dedicated to CRA (ILYWAMHASAM)


😄 HaPpY CrAzY Tuesday 😄


Taken Jan 01, 2021 for the group

CrAzY Tuesday #Opposites


Panasonic Lumix DMCFZ-200


4.5 mm

1/400 Sec

ISO 100

Crazy Tuesday: "Motion Blur" theme


I had the idea to capture motion blur in a photo while writing out the words, but I couldn't make it work. So I ended up taking multiple shots and blending them together for this image. It's not what I had in my mind's eye, but it'll work, I guess. :-)



🎧 Jamie Cullum - Turn On The Lights 🎧


I bought this Indian-style Paper Starlight lantern on a Christmas fair years and years ago. We love it ... so we use it all year round ;))


Crazy Tuesday - theme of December 22nd, 2020: Festive


😄 HaPpY CrAzY Tuesday 😄 and Happy Winter Solstice !! :))

Yet, for all it's coldness -

there is a tenderness in winter too.

... Carole Glasser Langille

Crazy Tuesday Theme : Festive

the last hours of 2020 are passing by ... and I must admit: I won't look back (much) ;))


Crazy Tuesday - theme of December 29th, 2020: Happy New Year


😄 HaPpY CrAzY Tuesday 😄


I am wishing us all a happier, peaceful and healthy new year to come !! :)


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


die letzten Stunden des Jahres 2020 ziehen an uns vorüber ... und ich muss zugeben: ich werde nur wenig zurückblicken ;))


Verrückter Dienstag - Thema am 29. Dezember 2020: Frohes Neues Jahr


Ich wünsche uns allen ein glücklicheres, friedliches und vor allem gesundes neues Jahr !!! :)

"Everything depends on which path you take."

Quote - Paulo Coelho


Detail of the roof of the building of the Central Train Station Arnhem, The Netherlands.


it's all that's left of autumn...

Light in motion, the vortex of light!

Last Christmas - Wham


Thanks for viewing and HCT 😀

I photographed this beautiful Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata) on a recent day at Michigan's Kensington Metropark.


Crazy Tuesday: "Bokeh" theme



For the group 'Crazy Tuesday' theme: "Autumn".

Found this little mushroom family growing on a living tree ;-))

The biggest one was only 1cm !!

... "Paint your palette blue and gray

Look out on a summer's day

With eyes that know the darkness in my soul …"

(Don Mc Neal)


[Dedicated to CRA (ILYWAMHASAM)]


😄 HaPpY CrAzY Tuesday 😄


Photo taken December 09, 2020 for the group

CrAzY Tuesday #Songtitle


Panasonic Lumix DMCFZ-200


108.0 mm

1/800 Sec

ISO 100

A beautiful Christmas tree made of real poinsettias @ Hershey Gardens. No lights needed for this beautiful tree. The Gardens didn't decorate like past years because the pandemic. (Best in Large)


Crazy Tuesday "Song Title" 🎵

Crazy Tuesday - theme of January 5th, 2021: opposite


based on the fairy tale "Snow-White" by The Brothers Grimm:

"Who has been drinking from my little cup?" : ))


... full and empty ...


😄 HaPpY CrAzY Tuesday 😄


fun fact: the beverage should look like Limoncello (lemon liqueur), but it's actually camomile tea in the glass and a wrapping paper with printed butterflies in the background : ))


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


... da muss irgendwo ein Loch sein ...


Verrückter Dienstag - Thema am 5. Januar 2021: Gegensatz


angelehnt an das Märchen "Schneewittchen" von den Gebrüdern Grimm:

"Wer hat aus meinem Becherchen getrunken?" : ))


... voll und leer ...


Infos am Rande: das Getränk sollte zwar wie Limoncello (Limonenlikör) aussehen, aber es ist tatsächlich Kamillentee im Glas und ein Geschenkpapier mit aufgedruckten Schmetterlingen im Hintergrund : ))


Einen schönen Dienstag euch allen

For Crazy Tuesday: "Motion blur"



Thunder skies

dewdrops fall,

timeless motion.


Heavy drizzles,

blurred vision

slumbering moon.”

Poem ― Tara Estacaan


For the 😄 HaPpY CrAzY Tuesday 😄 theme: Bokeh

I have really been enjoying the groups "Crazy Tuesday" and "Smile on Saturday." Participating in these groups helps me get out of my comfort zone and try new things.


This image was taken today for the group "Crazy Tuesday". The theme is "Festive".


I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday Season. I wish you the best whatever you celebrate. Happy Crazy Tuesday and Happy Snapping.

… “This world is getting colder, strangers passin' by

No one offers you a shoulder, no one looks you in the eye ...

... Everybody wants a flame, they don't wanna to get burnt

Well today is our turn” …

(The Bonfire Heart by James Blunt)


[Dedicated to CRA (ILYWAMHASAM)]


😄 HaPpY CrAzY Tuesday 😄


“The Bonfire Heart” inspired me to compose this “Bokeh Heart”

Taken December 07, 2020 for the group

CrAzY Tuesday #Bokeh


Panasonic Lumix DMCFZ-200


4.5 mm

1/25 Sec

ISO 800

🎧 Blanche - City lights 🎧


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Crazy Tuesday - theme of January 12th, 2021: Motion Blur


I wanted to try long exposure shots of my town's new-ish yellow-orange tram (streetcars) for some time now ... so Sunday evening I headed out to the city centre with my bike to go tram-hunting ... and was delighted that the Christmas lights were still in place


And then this young man with a cap the colour of the new trams came along just when I pushed the shutter ; ))


Movement of the train: from left to right


What you see on the right side is not a reflection - you are actually looking through the tram at the other side of the pedestrian zone - due to the long exposure


And yes, we were cautious and right back at home before curfew time (beginning at 8 pm)


😄 HaPpY CrAzY Tuesday 😄


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Verrückter Dienstag - Thema am 12. Januar 2021: Bewegungsunschärfe


Ich wollte schon seit einiger Zeit Langzeitaufnahmen von den neuen gelb-orangen Straßenbahnen meiner Stadt machen ... also zog ich am Sonntag Abend mit dem Fahrrad los und war erfreut, dass die Weihnachtsbeleuchtung in der Fußgängerzone noch da war


Und dann kam dieser junge Mann mit einer Mütze in der Farbe der neuen Straßenbahnen daher, gerade als ich den Auslöser drückte ;))


Auf der rechten Seite schaut man quasi durch die Scheiben des Zugs auf die andere Seite der Fußgängerzone - bedingt durch die lange Belichtung; es sind keine Spiegelungen


Einen schönen Dienstag euch allen : ))

My favorite season finally shows his face...

Crazy Tuesday: Theme Autumn

Summer will never be forgotten

But one can fall in Love with Autumn

The Sun, the Colours and the Light

Do you remember this lovely Sight ?

When Leaves are dancing in the Air

Landing here and also there

Each of the Seasons has its Charme

Now welcome Autumn

And Keep your Heart warm



😄 HaPpY CrAzY TuEsDaY 😄


[Dedicated to CRA (ILYWAMHASAM)]


Photo taken Oct 07 2020 and uploaded for the group

CrAzY Tuesday #Autumn


[Text and image copyright Caren (©all rights reserved)]

please respect my ©copyright : Do not use any image or text without my previous written authorization, NOT even in social networks. If you want to use a photograph, please contact me!

Bitte mein ©Copyright beachten!

Meine Fotos und Texte sind ©copyright geschützt (alle Rechte vorbehalten) und dürfen ohne meine vorherige und schriftliche Zustimmung NICHT von Dritten verwendet werden, auch nicht in sozialen Netzwerken. Falls Interesse an einem Foto besteht, bitte ich um Kontaktaufnahme

Crazy Tuesday Theme : Textures

"Don't look back

Don't give up

Pour yourself another cup"


🎶 Mike + The Mechanics - Another Cup of Coffee 🎵


... a (sad / melancholic) song of the 90's especially for coffee addicts - I like the voice of Paul Carrack and the somewhat quirky video (even though the perception of women shown in it seems to be a bit outdated now).


My (current) favourite (Sherlock Holmes) coffee mug by the way ;))


Crazy Tuesday - theme of December 15th, 2020: Song Title


[edited with textures of DxO Analog Efex and Topaz Studio 2]


😄 HaPpY CrAzY Tuesday 😄

A Magic Dragon is on its Way

To chase the Sorrow and the Pain away

It clears the Way for the New Year to come in

A New Year will always be a New Begin

Soon we will celebrate a hopefully Happy New Year

Let us welcome 2021 – it is almost here !



Dedicated to CRA (ILYWAMHASAM)


😄 HaPpY CrAzY Tuesday 😄 and


😄 HaPpY New Year 2021 😄


Taken December 23, 2020 for the group

CrAzY Tuesday #HappyNewYear

Panasonic Lumix DMCFZ-200


28.3 mm

1/320 Sec

ISO 500

The Pheasant of the Wild Garden usually marches in slow motion up and down the drive.

But on this day I could motivate him to run and show off his motion for CrAzY TuEsDaY.


"Thanks, Pheasy, you're really a very cooperative CrAzY Bird"


Dedicated to CRA (ILYWAMHASAM)


😄 HaPpY CrAzY Tuesday 😄


Taken Jan 06, 2021 for the group

b> CrAzY Tuesday #MotionBlur

Panasonic Lumix DMCFZ-200


44.0 mm

1/40 Sec

ISO 800

We have the same SHADOW theme for two groups this week. #Theme: SHADOW #HAPPY CRAZY TUESDAY !

Textura, para Crazy Tuesday.

Unfortunately, this year, Christmas is going to be very different. Here in Kent, UK we are in the strictest tier of restrictions so not allowed to see any family at all. My crackers are now redundant so I will save them for the time when normality returns!


Merry Christmas to all who celebrate, happy holidays and HCT 😀

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