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Audition : "Style a high fashion look inspired by your favorite MOVIE"


My choise : Effie Trinket "Hunger Games"




Audition outfit for Miss SL 2019 Contest.


Pasadena, California 2016

2011 Cheerleader Auditions // 3/20/11 // Georgia World Congress Center - PHOTO: Jimmy Cribb,

A lot of people give up just before they’re about to make it. You know you never know when that next obstacle is going to be the last one.

Chuck Norris



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The Danceworx

New Delhi, India

..for Cirque du Soleil

So one of my fantasies is to sing beautifully in front of an audience under spotlights. I am a total Voice junkie. Sadly, the consensus of my friends is that my singing is reminiscent of the sound of several cats squabbling. So much so that when I said I was posting a pic called the Audition, one of my friends cringed thinking I was doing something with piano wire (if you have not seen the Japanese film "Audition" DON'T!) Oh well, there goes another fantasy.

Scene from the theatrical play “Audition” from the Ionic Theatre, at Koridalos Athens.

Director of the play is our flickr-friend AntonisP

At the same time in the same place, there is a photo exhibition called “BLACK as RED”, keeping the “dark” mood of the play, from 4 flickr guys:




and me…


For more info :



Top Dead Dollz Celeste Blouse @FaMESHed New!!!

Short CandyDoll Kasey – Maitreya (Singles pack have limitations. Sold Separately Top, Bottom, Shorts)

Boots CandyDoll Sabrina Heels (Legacy – Freya – HG – HG Petite – Maitreya – V-TechStraps, Trims, Pocket Change colors) New!!!

Hair Tableau Vivant Tara Blonde @Collabor88 New!!!

Pose SecretPosesDance your Soul @VanityEvent New!!!


This will be my first time, in a long time being in a competition! So, I'm excited about this!


Charlotte LeBlanc: 19, from New Orleans, Lousiana.

Charlotte's personality is full of southern charm, and straight to the point honesty. She's level-headed, and koi most of the time.


Hope you enjoy my audition and I make it in!

American Idol started it's new season's auditions in San Diego Tuna Park below the kissing statue. Eight canopies moved 1,500 participants singing their hearts out through the auditions that Saturday. This photo was shot from the Coronado Ferry moving around the Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum.

Bo honestly sings better than some that I have heard on American Idol auditions.

Buttons audition for part in Cinderella...?

This is what I wore to the MVW 2013 Audition. It is a mixture of two dresses. Purplemoon and Gfield.


Styling credits to come <3


Photographer: The incredible Badon Rain

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How hard can be the life of a discordant note...


Facebook | website | formspring

Name: Nicole Watterson


Hometown: Florida

Why you should be in this Competition: "Because, I was here last cycle and i didn't win so now I'm back, this time to win "


Sorry i couldn't tag you, I'm on my phone :/


Here's the scene. DON'T watch it if you don't want to see a messed up torture scene or haven't seen the movie and plan to at some point. I'll also add references to the other builds I've done in this series.


1. The Exorcist

2. Scream

3. Witchfinder General

4. Wishmaster

5. SAW

6. The Wicker Man

7. House on Haunted Hill

8. Nightbreed

9. Audition

Nane:Roxy Steward



Personality:Im a cartoon

Style:I love to cute clothes but still in fashion!

Why you should join:I like the modeling and I have the body, I have the height and im differend!

Poppy had an audition tonight for a part in a local production of Charlotte's Web. I was lucky to be around this afternoon when she was getting her nails done.


I haven't heard how the audition went, and I don't want to spoil it by mentioning which part she tried out for. She seemed pretty confident.

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