How to use the Mac Uploadr

Wait! There's a new version of Uploadr out now. If you are running Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger or later, go to the Tools page.

Step 1 - Installation

Click here to get the installer (419K).

Drag the installer icon onto your desktop (or wherever is appropriate for your system). (If you're using Mozilla, you'll need to [ Right-Click --> Save as ] that link.)

Step 2 - Drag and drop

You can drag photos from iPhoto, or the Finder. You can also drag more than one item into the upload area.

Step 3 - Preview the things you wish to upload

Step 4 - Set your preferences for this batch

You can log in to Flickr automatically when the upload is finished, and choose whether you'd like to set Tags and Privacy after the upload, or whether you'd like to put your photos into a queue for uploading.

Step 5 - Upload


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