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Getting your stuff onto Flickr

There are loads of tools to upload your photos and videos

Uploading on

One of the easiest ways to get your stuff onto Flickr is to upload it right here using

Select as many items as you like from your desktop. Once they've all arrived here, you can add tags, make sets, et cetera. There's also an earlier-generation web uploader that we now call the Basic Uploader.

Upload by Email

Especially handy for uploading from your mobile phone. Use your very own private email upload address to email photos to your account. See more mobile options.

Third-party Upload Tool Plug-Ins

Please note: Flickr is not responsible for the distribution or performance of these 3rd party applications.

iPhoto plugin for Mac OS X

A Flickr member, fspeirs, has created an iPhoto plugin for Mac. It is available for sale on an external website.

jUploadr for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows

Another Flickr member, scohen, wrote an upload application, which he describes as: "jUploadr is a cross platform Flickr uploader. Currently it runs on Windows Linux and OS X. It allows you to set all properties of a photo before you upload it to Flickr. It also supports batch editing, so you can make short work of uploading a bunch of files." It is available for download from an external website

Eye-Fi Memory Card

Eye-Fi makes wireless memory cards that automatically back up and organize your photos & video. With Eye-Fi you can send your photos & video directly to Flickr - and you can send all or just your favorites. Just turn your camera on and Eye-Fi does the work for you. It is available for sale on an external website.

If you are interested in adding to this toolset, you might want to investigate the public Flickr API.

Or if you're more of a desktop developer, the Flickr Uploadr is an open source project. Download the source and build it yourself!