Flickr Partner Center

Welcome to the Partner area on Flickr! The Partner Center is intended as a resource center for people and companies making use of our API commercially.

We expect this area of the website to be enhanced as time goes by, as we develop more resources for our external API partners. We'd love to hear any ideas you have about what sort of information you think should be included here.


The Standard Header

We ask that you insert this standard header into pages you build that access the Flickr API. It's important to us that users have an easy way to return to Flickr if they wish, and have some reference point (the logo) to show them that they're still connected to Flickrland.

A graphic representing what the header will look like on your site

We've provided a straightforward chunk of HTML for you to copy and paste into the top of any HTML documents you're serving. It references a CSS file and a JavaScript file hosted on our server, so should just work ;) - You will need to change the copy that tells people your company and what service you're providing.