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An app by cjmartin

This is my Cam by cjmartin
  • This is my Cam by cjmartin
  • This is my Cam by cjmartin
  • This is my Cam by cjmartin
Profile pages for your beloved cameras.

Project for Photo Hack Day 3 in SF. Still a few things I would like to do, but it works (hopefully) so it might as well be here.

Next up, I'll be building on some features to let you work with your camera collection:

* Hiding cameras (it's not unusual to have a few photos from random cameras)
* Editing camera names and images
* Combining duplicate cameras (sometimes slight Exif variations lead to multiples)

Hopefully I'll find some time to work on those soon, feel free to add your suggestions below!

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josh-n says:

Posted 37 months ago. ( permalink )

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photographi-ca says:

500 server error on the site when logging in from Flickr. Bummer.
Posted 36 months ago. ( permalink )

view profile says:

How about refreshing the data? I have edited the EXIF for some scanned images and there is NO possibillity for rescanning the images to get the correct info.
Posted 33 months ago. ( permalink )

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cjmartin says:

There was a bug for user's with a dash in their path-alias. Your account should work now!

I've kicked off an update for all existing users, and will probably add a button to let you trigger one manually. The site is running on pretty minimal hardware (it's not cheap), and updates bog things down pretty badly.
Posted 32 months ago. ( permalink )

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Rene Roland Hansen vs. ebop bluebird says:

yehaaaa thats cool
Posted 27 months ago. ( permalink )

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iquanyin2 says:

lol! spammer party!
Posted 20 months ago. ( permalink )

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