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  • Flync - multiselection by AdamTje
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Flync instantly uploads photos and videos you take with your Android phone to your Flickr account.

A new version has just been published! Now videos, panoramas and photosphere images are supported. See details on the play store.

I created this app because I didn't want to spend time browsing the phone's photo gallery and doing the share action, so I created Flync to do this for me (and you!)

Whenever you take a photo with your Android phone's camera, Flync will detect it and add it to an upload queue. Flync will automagically upload the queued photos to your connected Flickr account.

The photos are uploaded with private permissions by default, but you can change this in the preferences and upload with Family and/or Friends permissions.

If you have a limited mobile data plan, just switch Flync to wifi-only mode. In this mode, the queued photos will wait till you come home or to the office before the uploads will begin!

That's it, you don't need to start the Flync app, it's just there waiting for you to take great pictures.

But if you open the Flync app, you'll find the icing on the cake - you can:
- change Flickr viewing permissions
- set Flickr photo titles and descriptions
- and you can do this even if the photos have not been uploaded yet!
- share the link to the Flickr photo-page through the apps you have installed on your phone (the shared photo needs to be public).
- see the Flickr photo view count directly in Flync

... and I am planning to add many more features!

In the user preferences you can also set default tags for the uploaded photos.

And if you have photos you don't want to send to Flickr, just delete them from the photo upload queue. You can also disable all uploading from the settings.

If you are not a Flickr-PRO user, don't worry. When you reach 80% of your monthly upload limit, Flync will stop uploading automatically, letting you choose yourself which photos you want to upload.

What do you think? The app is available from Google Play, just search for Flync.

Now you can also try the Lite version for free. Get it here: Flync Lite. The only limitation for the Lite version is that the uploaded images are downscaled and have a watermark. 

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