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This app make you taking photos and share them to Flickr easily. It also provides many interesting photos from Flickr. You can see your photo stream and your friends'.

In the Flickr AIR PRO, you can get more features
1. download and share.
2. post comments.
3. add title, description and tags. *
4. set favorite photo

* coming soon
Any good and bad feedbacks are always welcome. any issue or suggestion please send email to Thanks.

update to 1.0.2
Usability improvement

update to 1.0.0
1. next and previous button in detail page.
2. list comments
1. a few defects

update to 0.9.0
1. upload status Fix
2. remove debug info

update to 0.8.0
1. open 'My friends','Gallery' and 'just look' sections
2. show comments

This free version's goal is providing a simple way for sharing photos to flickr to benefit the start users. If you use flickr a lot, you must need the PRO version which provides more powerful features than the free version. 

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  • Created on November 30, 2010
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