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TapVideo - Video+Still Camera with Flickr, Facebook & Twitter Uploading


Double Tap Preview to Start/Stop Recording
Singe Tap Preview to Take a Photo (Even while recording!)
Press&Hold Preview to Auto Focus (drag to change focus point)
Resolution / Flash / Torch / Focus / Exposure / White Balance Controls
5X Digital Zoom on both cameras
EXIF - Full Camera EXIF plus Timestamp & GPS info in unedited/uncompressed photos
Burst Mode - Take 2, 3 or 4 burst shots with a single tap
Photo Timers - Specify a "Start Time", "Number of Photos" and "Delay" using your keyboard
Burst Photo Timers - Take as many burst shots as you want by creating a Timer with a "Delay" of 0 seconds
Zoom, Timers, Recording, Photos supported on both cameras
Anti-Shake - Use your Accelerometer to take photos only when there is no shaking detected
Auto Upload - Auto Upload your Videos&Photos to Flickr, Facebook or Twitter in the background
Auto Save - Keep recording & shooting while photos are saved in the background
Background Uploading - Kick Off Video&Photo uploads and then switch to your other Apps
Geotag Flickr Videos&Photos
Reticles [Scope, Rectangle, Rule Of Thirds] with color choice of [Black, White, Red and Green]
Button Colors [Black, White, Red and Green]
Black & White - Auto converts photos to Black&White (Can also be done manually in App camera roll)
JPEG Quality Control for photos
Twitter Client - Read / Send Messages and Tweets; Set / Send Twitter GEO location
Facebook Client - Send Updates with GEO location
Multiple Selection Support
Edit and Playback Videos
Crop and apply Filters (Black & White, Brightness) to Photos
Upload, Mail, Delete multiple Videos&Photos at once
Save multiple Videos&Photos to your device's camera roll at once
Reorder Videos&Photos
Edit upload locations with a Google map
Add Existing Videos&Photos from your device's camera roll
Swipe through full screen view of snapshots
In-App Mail


Twitter implemented using MGTwitterEngine by Matt Gemmell

Available on iTunes

For feature requests or bug reports, please send an email to
feedback@mothertuckerllc.com. Thank you for using TapVideo PRO! 

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