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I'm rapidly running out of disk space for this app and might have to suspend new sign-ups soon. If you have some spare capacity (approx. 50GB) on a reliable server and would like to help out, please do get in touch.

'flickrstats' processes the historical referrer data recently made available to pro users. It uses the data to draw an all-time views chart and two pie charts representing referral domains and search terms. By overlaying the dates when you posted new items to your photostream, you can infer how these affected the total view count. The total views chart can be zoomed and panned to focus on particular date ranges, the two pie charts will update automatically, so as to show referrers and search terms for the dates selected.

Check out a demo (video) of the app here.

You can also take a look at the kind of stats files this app produces (based on my account) here.

If you have trouble running Flickrstats with the NoScript extension for Firefox, you might want to follow Old Coyote's instructions on how to add the app ( to NoScript's "Whitelist":
Click the NoScript icon (an S in a button) at the bottom right of the screen, and select "Options".
In the Options window, select the Whitelist tab.
Cut and paste '' into the "Address of web site" text box.
Click on OK.
Now you can run Flickrstats while NoScripts continues to protect Firefox from ill-meaning Javascripts .

revision history:
v. 3.1b - You can now download raw stats files for your own analyses
v. 3.1a - Fixed a tiny bug which prevented the stats page from displaying in IE7 & 8
v. 3.1 - Thanks to a suggestion by krongy, you can now access more detailed referrer and search term stats.
v. 3.0a - Fixed a silly bug for people with large no. of views per day. (obviously not something i can find when testing with my account :> )
v. 3.0 - Complete re-write. Will still process CSV files while they are available, but also gather new stats data via the Flickr API on a regular basis.

v. 2.1 - Pie charts are auto-updated to reflect the date range selected in the top chart
v. 2.0 - No need to upload files - just authenticate the app, and it'll fetch them for you!

v. 1.1 - App will now only overlay your 30 most viewed items on the graph, as showing all pictures was getting ridiculously slow for people with many thousand items in their streams.
v. 1.0 - Major update. Should provide much better performance for users with large stats files. Results are now stored in static HTML files which you can link to if you like.

v. 0.7 - user name is no longer needed - found via api lookup on stats data
v. 0.6 - display number of files uploaded on starting page
v. 0.5 - page will no longer auto-submit if no username/NSID is provided
v. 0.4 - added a note if you only upload a single month worth of data
v. 0.3 - users can now specify their flickr user name or NSID, both should work
v. 0.2 - fixed infinite loop for users with > 500 items in public photostream
v. 0.1 - initial release 

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