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Weathrman is a Live Wallpaper for phones running Android 2.1.

When selected as the currently active Live Wallpaper, Weathrman shows you the weather in your current location - as seen through the eyes of Flickr users.

Weathrman will use your current location to fetch information about the weather conditions near you; that information is then used to find an image on flickr taken around the same time of day and in roughly the same season.

Its results are sometimes unusual; success, or failure, is ultimately dependent on Flickr’s userbase doing three important things: geotagging their images, writing useful descriptions and tags that actually describe the weather conditions in the photo, and most importantly, on having correct metadata about when the photo was taken.

My undying love to Flickr and the photographers that are its lifeblood. 

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gblock says:

Oops. Forgot to make this public when I shipped. :)
Posted 87 months ago. ( permalink )

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jennife2010 says:

que bueno
Posted 86 months ago. ( permalink )

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andrea.lagala says:

Great idea! I love it. I hope to buy an Android 2.1 soon to try it (waiting for some news during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona).

I love Flickr too. My app mainly uses geo-tagging to help people explore the world (around them or far from them, depending on their curiosity!):

I am still working on it, releasing updates on a regular basis. I would love to have your opinion on it.

Cheers :)
Posted 86 months ago. ( permalink )

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