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Fluidr by haelio
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Designed to be an alternative way to view and interact with Flickr, Fluidr helps you:

- Get through photos and videos fast with minimal page loads
- Discover new Flickr artists.
- View things shuffled or sorted by Interestingness
- Switch seamlessly to a slideshow and back again without page loads
- Allow you to browse Flickr quicker with keyboard shortcuts

Fluidr allows you to view all the usual views: Explore, user, group, tags, sets etc. but also unusual views such as the most interesting videos from today, or your contacts' recent photos in random order.

Fluidr sports a continuous pagination interface which simply means that as you scroll, more photos magically appear at the bottom of the page. This means that you'll never need to hit a 'next' link again. You can jump into a slideshow at any time: just hit the SPACEBAR key to step through photos. For more information on available shortcuts, click the 'About' link at the top right of the page.

You can add faves, comment on photos, view videos, investigate EXIF and view photos on a map on the same page without needing to load a new page.

Try the 'Surprise Me!' feature to jump to a random view on Flickr, it's a good way to discover someone new on Flickr, and see one of the 4,000,000,000+ images on Flickr you might otherwise never see.

Please have a go and post any comments, suggestions and issues on the Fluidr group right here on Flickr. And you can follow Fluidr on Twitter or become a fan on Facebook.

Fluidr is in active development, so please provide feedback! Useful ideas will be credited with a link back to your stream/blog.

Thanks for trying Fluidr! If you like Fluidr, please consider adding it to your faves with the link above this photo :)

Fluidr was in part inspired by Flickriver which provided many useful hints (such as fine-tuning the continuous pagination code) when first implementing Fluidr. If you like Fluidr, give Flickriver a spin!

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  • Created on May 28, 2009
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