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An app by tehf0x

FaceTaggr by tehf0x
Tired of using features that are already built in to Flickr? Longing for 2008? Want to tag your friends with machine tags anyways, because you're ready to make your life a pain to spite the flickr (or was it cut of the nose to spite the face)?

Then this is for you.

Oh, what is this?

Yahoo Open Hack Day ‘08 took place while I was at Y! SNV, and although employees & interns aren’t supposed to produce a hack, I did it anyways (take that!). It’s nothing big, I wrote a greasemonkey script that will add a list of your contacts on a flickr photo page. When you click on the person’s name, a machine tag of their flickr username will be added to the photo. I call it facetaggr.

You need greasemonkey, and this script file.

The list of friends is not always there, but when you click 'Add Tag', you can expand it to see your contacts. 

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  • Created on December 21, 2008
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