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Flickr photos meet Facebook with the My Flickr app. With My Flickr, you'll be able to display your Flickr Photos and Photosets to your Facebook friends for them to comment on with or without making them leave Facebook!

Find exactly the photos you want to show using simple Search criteria such as: Recent Photos, Tags, Photosets, Favorites, Groups, Interestingness, Date Range, Flickr Privacy, and all "sorts" of other sorting and features. Easily showcase your Photo Search results on your Profile/Page or My Flickr profile Tab.

Refresh your photos manually or choose automatic refreshing. Quickly update changes to your Mini-Feed. Display your photos how you want them in different layouts.

My Flickr respects your Flickr photo privacy settings; therefore, by default, only photos marked as Public on Flickr will be shown on Facebook. You can also allow My Flickr to show photos marked with a different privacy setting. Choose to display your photos to all of Facebook or just your Friends.

** Facebook Page / Profile Info / Profile Tab Support **

Search your photos by one or more:
- Tags / Text
- Photosets
- Your Favorite Flickr photos
- Flickr Groups
- Date ranges
- Flickr Privacy settings
- Interestingness / Date Taken / Posted
- and much more... 

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  • Created on April 18, 2008
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