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Statsr.net New Version by Le Zla - Statsr.net
  • Statsr.net New Version by Le Zla - Statsr.net
  • Teasing : Statsr 2 is coming ! by Le Zla - Statsr.net
  • Statsr New version : New statistics about your contacts by Le Zla - Statsr.net
  • Soon on http://statsr.net :: Geolocation of your visitors by Le Zla - Statsr.net
  • Statsr for Flickr v3 is here ! by Le Zla - Statsr.net
  • Statsr Premium - Full urls in referers by Le Zla - Statsr.net
http://statsr.net :: Backup, manage and take a in-depth look to your Flickr stats indefinitely without the 28 days Flickr limit !

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Statsr.net is a website who collects and back up your statistics from Flickr.
Log you in first and then you'll be able to manage and analyze your stats above time, Statsr does not borrow your stats after 28 days !

As much as it can Statsr 'll provide you some extras statistics about Flickr utilisation such as your favorites photographer, your daily utilisation of flickr and much more, give it a try !

For any question, suggestion or more, join us in our Flick group : www.flickr.com/groups/statsr/, you can also take a look to the pool of the group to see more Screenshots of Statsr.

Here is a video of what Statsr.net can do !

Statsr.net is accessible to everyone with a Pro account, just go to statsr.net and click on the "Log In" button

New version : 2011-06-14
- detailled stats for your contacts (gender, pro user or not, relationship)
- detailled stats for members of your groups (gender, pro user or not)
- possibility to view all stats by, days, weeks and months
- possibility to analyse stats on a period (with a datepicker) 

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