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An app by Jeffrey Friedl

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Plugin for Adobe Lightroom (Lr2, Lr3, Lr4) allowing you to both Export and Publish photos to Flickr directly from within Lightroom.

This plugin is unrelated to the Flickr plugin supplied by Adobe. Mine is more powerful, but more complex.

I have a bunch of other plugins, including for geoencoding, exposure data plotting, video-asset management, metadata control, proximity search, and more. See my Lightroom Goodies page for the complete list. (Also, see the "Lightroom Exchange" button in the lower-left of Lightroom's plugin manager for Adobe's central listing of all kinds of Lightroom plugins, presets, and such.)

(Note: use comments here in the App Garden to express your thoughts about this plugin to other users or potential users, but to communicate with me (report bugs or make feature requests) please use email, or make a comment on the plugin's home page.) 

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  • Created on November 20, 2007
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