Asynchronous Uploading

Flickr can process photos in async mode, for applications that need to post multiple photos and don't want to wait around for each one to complete, leaving a socket connection open the whole time.

Upload Call

Photos are uploaded as with the synchronous upload API (or the synchronous replace API), but with an extra argument:

set to 1 for async mode, 0 for sync mode


When an upload is successful, the following xml is returned:


This response is formatted in the REST API response style.

ticketid is NOT the id of the new photo, but rather an id which can be used to check on the progress of the uploaded photo.

When an upload fails, the same xml as synchronous mode is returned.

Querying tickets

Once you've uploaded one or more photos and have some ticket ids, you can check their status with a call to the method.

The photo ids returned can then be used as with the synchronous upload API.