Get a list of referrers from a given domain to a user's photostream


This method requires authentication with 'read' permission.


api_key (Required)
Your API application key. See here for more details.
date (Required)
Stats will be returned for this date. This should be in either be in YYYY-MM-DD or unix timestamp format. A day according to Flickr Stats starts at midnight GMT for all users, and timestamps will automatically be rounded down to the start of the day.
domain (Required)
The domain to return referrers for. This should be a hostname (eg: "") with no protocol or pathname.
per_page (Optional)
Number of referrers to return per page. If this argument is omitted, it defaults to 25. The maximum allowed value is 100.
page (Optional)
The page of results to return. If this argument is omitted, it defaults to 1.

Example Response

<domain page="1" perpage="25" pages="1" total="3" name="">
  <referrer url="" views="11" />
  <referrer url="" views="8" />
  <referrer url="" views="2" searchterm="stats api" />

There is one <referrer> element for each referring page, with attributes for the url and the number of views.

Where the referring page is a search engine and we have identified the search term it will be given in the searchterm attribute.

Error Codes

1: User does not have stats
The user you have requested stats has not enabled stats on their account.
2: No stats for that date
No stats are available for the date requested. Flickr only keeps stats data for the last 28 days.
3: Invalid date
The date provided could not be parsed
5: Invalid domain
The domain provided is not in the expected format.
95: SSL is required
SSL is required to access the Flickr API.
96: Invalid signature
The passed signature was invalid.
97: Missing signature
The call required signing but no signature was sent.
98: Login failed / Invalid auth token
The login details or auth token passed were invalid.
99: User not logged in / Insufficient permissions
The method requires user authentication but the user was not logged in, or the authenticated method call did not have the required permissions.
100: Invalid API Key
The API key passed was not valid or has expired.
105: Service currently unavailable
The requested service is temporarily unavailable.
106: Write operation failed
The requested operation failed due to a temporary issue.
111: Format "xxx" not found
The requested response format was not found.
112: Method "xxx" not found
The requested method was not found.
114: Invalid SOAP envelope
The SOAP envelope send in the request could not be parsed.
115: Invalid XML-RPC Method Call
The XML-RPC request document could not be parsed.
116: Bad URL found
One or more arguments contained a URL that has been used for abuse on Flickr.

API Explorer

API Explorer : flickr.stats.getPhotostreamReferrers