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From una cierta mirada From Nanihta (Sol Vázquez) From Nanihta (Sol Vázquez) From marcp_dmoz From teekay72 From david gutierrez [...

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madrid foto a foto.

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Madrid flikea. toda foto madrileña es bienvenida.


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The most beautiful city in the world.

Madrid - Street Art - Madrid

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Stencils, graffitis, stickers... Todo en Madrid.

Flickrs of Madrid

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Madrilian photographers, born or adopted, professionals or amateurs... Madrid is huge, but we all can meet ;) Do...

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11M Memorial by Monkeypainter Café Maravillas by Monkeypainter Sleeper by Monkeypainter
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Hablando con la luna. by Caathiieeh "Dice que esto es real mientras se pinta los labios de un color digno de ciencia ficción." by Caathiieeh Busquemos sonrisas perdidas por las calles de Madrid. by Caathiieeh
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