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Birds of Puerto Rico

100 members | 1,953 items

A collection of photographs of birds that are found on the island of Puerto Rico. This is a group for amateur birders...

Pajareros de Puerto Rico

73 members | 2,108 items

mira pajaros, puerto rico, bird, aves, pajareros

Puerto Rico: Off the Beaten Path

256 members | 7,775 items

About the people, culture, towns, landscapes and everything else that the tourist will not see in San Juan. / Sobre...

Featured Photographers

Member since 13 Jul, 2005
Pathway to Paradise by Cocoabiscuit Dock of the Bay by Cocoabiscuit Ramp to the Clouds by Cocoabiscuit
Member since 28 Dec, 2006
Antillean Nighthawk by sadlahens Kayaks en Canal de Ballena, Guánica, Puerto Rico by sadlahens Guánica don José y sus Yolas by sadlahens
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