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Birds of Puerto Rico

100 members | 1,953 items

A collection of photographs of birds that are found on the island of Puerto Rico. This is a group for amateur birders...

Puerto Rico: Off the Beaten Path

256 members | 7,777 items

About the people, culture, towns, landscapes and everything else that the tourist will not see in San Juan. / Sobre...

Pajareros de Puerto Rico

73 members | 2,108 items

mira pajaros, puerto rico, bird, aves, pajareros

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Member since 31 Aug, 2004
Guanica Sunset by osoroco Todus Mexicanus - Varón by osoroco Guanica Bay and town by osoroco
Member since 17 Jul, 2010
Caña Gorda by acrownofgold Caña Gorda by acrownofgold Caña Gorda by acrownofgold
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