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It looks like no one on Flickr has ever taken a photo (or shot a video) in Florence.

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Art & Florence (only best photos)

1466 members | 4718 items

Piazza Santo Spirito -- from vanvos - (?) Florence the city of the renaissance. In Flickr there wasn't till now a...

Firenze - Florence

8074 members | 97980 items

Vincitore del Concorso di Ottobre 2013 "il, dal, nel, pel, sul ponte...

Firenze / Florence

3664 members | 38175 items

Really anything that has to do with Firenze is what this group is for. Not necessarily things that everyone knows...


554 members | 14125 items

pictures about my beautiful region, not just rolling hills, not just Chianti, made by residents but also by...

Featured Photographers

Member since 25 Jul, 2009
Nicolò Panzeri
Member since 15 Jul, 2009
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