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It looks like no one on Flickr has ever taken a photo (or shot a video) in Bethania.

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Brisbane Meetup

842 members | 3,116 items

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. — Oscar Wilde & of course people in here are...

Brisbane Bird photography

689 members | 18,571 items

This group is not restricted to Brisbane but to showcase the beauty of birdlife all over the world. Anyone is free...


1,361 members | 35,177 items

A place to post photos taken from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, featuring the beauty of Brisbane city life,...

Brisbanites: Brisbane Photos

2,724 members | 63,114 items

This is a group for photos taken in Brisbane, Queensland Australia.The idea is to collect as many different...

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Bethel of Bethania
Member since 8 Sep, 2008
Member since 12 Jul, 2010
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