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Vegetarian Sandwich

Mmmm, a vegetarian sandwich. We're still working on Jeremy to flip to the dark side of meat that comes from four legs.


When ClickTracks' CEO John Marshall first approached ZURB with a request for ten icons and a rough prototype of a website?neither company realized at that moment just how far they'd travel together. ZURB helped John build ClickTracks (a web based analytics business) over the next months to come. John sold ClickTracks for over $10 million and went on to start MarketMotive.


The ZURB Soapbox lecture series is a new venture ZURB is embarking on where we invite entrepreneurs, designers, managers, movers, shakers and friends of ZURB to speak to a like-minded audience and spar with them afterward.


ZURB is a close-knit team of interaction designers and strategists that help companies design better (www.zurb.com).

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Taken on October 16, 2009