Crocket-Miller Slave Quarters

"Some history, no matter how terrible, is not meant to be forgotten."


James City, NC


One of the last remaining original slave housing structures. I had the opportunity to tour this site, and must say that there is a powerful feeling in the air there. Not only is this the original building that once housed slaves in the 1800's, but there is an unmarked grave containing the remains of 522 slaves and freedmen on the site as well.


The Crockett-Miller cottage is an 1845 one-story wooden structure, 24 feet by 17 feet, divided by a fireplace and interior wall. It has a small loft and once housed 22 people. There were three of us inside, and it felt cramped. I cannot begin to imagine what those who lived in this house endured back in the 1800's.


The one thing I learned that really stuck with me while there was that the vast majority of slaves who escaped were not trying to go north to freedom, but south simply to be reunited with their children or families...powerful stuff.


They are working hard to receive funding to build a restroom facility on the site and some other buildings so that they can bring students and tour groups in. I'm sure any assistance would be welcome.


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Taken on February 24, 2011