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    TIME: A nonspatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future.

    But is it truly irreversible? Ask me Yesterday!

    5X Tone mapped HDR Macro


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    1. Beyond.the.Box 48 months ago | reply

      This is beautiful Z......and I SO wish time were reversible....=)

    2. saine 48 months ago | reply

      What a great shot - the gears seem to glow from within.

    3. Suzanham 48 months ago | reply


      I SAW THIS IN:

      Coming Home

      Shadow & Light

    4. john dusseault 48 months ago | reply

      This is one of the best images ever!
      You deserve an award from...

      Best Images Ever

    5. Altered and Torn 48 months ago | reply

      I've got this awesome shop relatively close that sells those types of objects at dirt cheap prices....but thank you!

      Hahahaha :) I honestly couldn't resist that one.
      Can't watch me if I'm in my imaginary ghillie suit.
      Or if I can time travel.
      Oh yes, and I really like the scientific definition. I love that type of stuff!

    6. Mr. Aeric 48 months ago | reply

      Love this dude! Stellar macro work for sure!

    7. Tanya Dawn 48 months ago | reply

      Beautiful :)

    8. _PEC_ 48 months ago | reply


      Thanks for adding this to HDR Terrorist

    9. Blake Herman 48 months ago | reply

      beautiful finish on this one!!

    10. twoGiraffe 48 months ago | reply

      wow... this is very cool. I will never look at another old watch the same again. thanks.
      Seen next to a fellow photo of the group "Shadow & Light (Post 1 - Comment on 1)". (?)

    11. Daniel Mennerich 48 months ago | reply

      I like your hdr work! I like it!!

      Thanks for adding this to HDR Terrorist

      commented with FlickrComment

    12. copsunited1 Thanks for 1,000,009,150,010 Views 48 months ago | reply

      A magnificant portrayal of an alternate piece. I had an identical piece in an alternate universe but since I am now ensconced on this miserable plain I must resort to my original time piece. My sundial works just fine on brigt sunny days as long as I am facing the correct direction..what is the correct direction ? Huh.. it's a tad heavy and during night time hours I use an old indian trick... I call the time and temperature center in the Hogan down in Colorado.

    13. ZORIN DENU 48 months ago | reply

      Thank you!

      Thank you Rach! With the proper fractions of exotic matter, and a negative gravity field. Oscillating a series of type 4 Homopolar generators inside a vacuum vessel to keep the flow clean and amplified within a constant state EM field. Then time is reversible =) That’s how I do it anyway!

      Thank you! Yes I love that “Glow” effect!

      Thank you so much!

      Thanks Man!

      Thank you so much! I was so excited to have my image invited to this group!

      A Ghillie suit is way more sexy than a Tact Vest any day! LMAO I think the Definition add a little to the overall image, glad you like it! =)

      Thanks Bro!

      Thank you Tanya *Hugs and Stuff* =)

      Thank you!

      Thanks! The HDR processing came out great!

      Thank you, its odd how you can find intresting pictures in everyday items!

      Thank you, it is always fun to make HDR images!

      LOL JD, I have this image of you with a wrist mounted sun dial LOL

    14. Altered and Torn 48 months ago | reply

      Wait a second GZ, first you think that about a tact vest, and now a ghillie suit? Now I know you're full of baloney.....rofl

    15. ZORIN DENU 48 months ago | reply

      LOL nothing more sexy than a walking shrub! LOL ok I am full of it! =) I am full of Steak! Rofl!

    16. Altered and Torn 48 months ago | reply

      If I see a walking shrub, I will either shoot it or throw something at it. Because that's just scary :)

    17. (CMC)™ 48 months ago | reply

      Cool chronograph, well shot... the movement looks like a mechanical amoeba or something!

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