• awsome what do u need polymer for when you can have steel and 9mm is for girls 357. are made for men lol - ak47tom93
  • 9mm has always worked fine for me, as far as it being polymer, I love Glocks, they are truly one of the toughest handguns made. But I don’t play favorites I own many different types and calibers of various firearms. =)

New School & Old School

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  1. ob1kdanny 38 months ago | reply

    nice, do you know what blackhawk model holster will fit a springfield 1911 gi?

  2. ZORIN DENU 38 months ago | reply

    Thanks man!

    Yep, the 1911 holster fits just perfect! =)


  3. TomKaufmann94 38 months ago | reply

    i think id go for the left side ^^ glocks rock ! ^^

  4. ZORIN DENU 38 months ago | reply

    Yep I agree Glocks Rock! But either choice would make you very well armed!

  5. Blair Diamond 38 months ago | reply

    STOP IT!!!!! I am going to go home and rub my gun because it hasn't seen me in three weeks!!

  6. ZORIN DENU 38 months ago | reply

    Man that’s a long time to go without seeing your gun! I would not be able to go three weeks, without some sort of gun interaction. But I am Z, and that is my life LOL

  7. Blair Diamond 38 months ago | reply

    Well I lasted my whole life without having one so three weeks is ok. Had the camera in my hands every day though. I lost the trigger reset screw from my Shadow, they sent me two spares. I talked to the Ghost shop in Arizona who supplies the stuff and they say the reset screw isn't really necessary but if I want instructions on how to properly seat it call. Your thoughts? feel free to message me as opposed to replying on this post.

  8. MikeFett 38 months ago | reply

    Either school works for me. Great photo.

  9. ZORIN DENU 38 months ago | reply

    Its no big deal, but there are a few things you need to know, some guys screw it down till the hammer wont fall, then just back it off a bit till it does, that is NOT the way to do it. I usually get it to that point and back it off ½ turn, that way there is still a safety margin. And that way you don’t cause undue stress on your sear and hammer hooks. Like the shop in AZ told you, you don’t need it to make the gun work properly, but it’s a nice thing to have to help over travel and makes “Reset shooting” easier. After you get it where you want, put a drop of Blue lock tight on it to keep it there. If you need any help just e-mail me! =)

  10. ZORIN DENU 38 months ago | reply

    I feel well armed with either school as well Mike. 6 rounds of .357mag is a formidably defense =)

  11. MikeFett 38 months ago | reply

    Indeed ... I really like the .357. I've been in the mood to get a .357 revolver for some time now. My favorite is the Smith & Wesson Model 19 but I haven't seen one for sale.

  12. Scott_FL 38 months ago | reply

    I like both schools of thought :)

  13. ZORIN DENU 38 months ago | reply

    Model 19 is a great gun, I seen a 586 not to long ago that was like 400 bucks, if it had been 300, I would have got it………………

    LOL thanks!

    Same here my friend!

  14. ernie55xx 38 months ago | reply

    iam old school

  15. oldsouthvideo 38 months ago | reply

    Very nicely done! Great lighting..

  16. msokal 38 months ago | reply

    .357 for me. I dream with a Colt Python.

  17. KHALID_G3SHAN 38 months ago | reply

    Gun, friend and enemy, at the same time

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