#64/365 Custom Load Out

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    June 3, 2010

    1. PhotoStimulus [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

      Damn... that is sexy!

    2. ZORIN DENU 59 months ago | reply

      All I need now is a hot chick and a fast car in the picture, and it would be perfect! LOL

    3. PhotoStimulus [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

      Alrighty Rach... this is your calling. Grab that bottle of baby oil and wind up that smile, we have a photo op. Where's Tanya when you need her? Two girls wouldn't be bad either. You've got the car the camera and the equipment... We need an APB on Rach and Tonya; hope they like guns and sun hot car hoods. LOL

    4. ZORIN DENU 59 months ago | reply

      LOL If I get near Tanya, I would probably not care about taking pictures LOL

    5. cknezevich 59 months ago | reply

      and u have a kabar u lucky sun of a bitch lol i like this pic alot

    6. ZORIN DENU 59 months ago | reply

      Yep love my Kabars! Thanks is a favorite pair of mine. Why have stock when you can have custom! LOL

    7. CW Estes 59 months ago | reply

      The .308 made me smile in my mouth a little.

    8. cknezevich 59 months ago | reply

      that 1911 and that kabar makes me smile

    9. WaterfowlHunter7 58 months ago | reply

      What kind of glass is on top of the beaut?...S&B, Millet?

    10. ZORIN DENU 58 months ago | reply

      It is a SWFA SS 20x42 Tactical. I would have never tried it out, if it were not for a great review by my friends over at Sniper’s Hide, and Sniper’s Paradise. Now that I have had one for awhile. Many of my friends have put them on their “Budget Precession Rifles”. Truth is, it is just as clear as my MK4’s and from what I read from the Navy reviews, very tough! The price is sweet for such a great scope. I love having a fixed 20x power on this rifle! I would not bock at buying more. Matter of fact I am going to buy a fixed 10x soon, for yet another project. Here is the link

    11. WaterfowlHunter7 58 months ago | reply

      Cool, thanks man they look solid, I will definetly do some more research. I dont know if you have ever heard of counter sniper optics? They're supposed to have quality optics for a decent price. Have'nt read much on them but I have handled some of there scopes. They look and feel to be built well. So theres another one you can check out...http://www.countersniperoptics.com/

    12. ZORIN DENU 58 months ago | reply

      Yes I do know about them. Unfortunately everyone I have seen, was on its way back to the factory. I did shoot through one once. The glass had many “Anomalies” and was very hazy at 12x. The knobs were in 1/8 increments, not sure why they chose that, for a “Tactical” scope. I have heard that remark more than once, from many reviews and like minded long range shooters. Anyway here is a link to a review that I trust 100%


    13. WaterfowlHunter7 58 months ago | reply

      haha...well I guess they are peices of crap! awesome site by the way, I will stick with my Nikon Monacrch 3-12 atop my 700 for now.

    14. Nemo Experiments 50 months ago | reply

      I love the kill-count stamps, and Hitman 47/Zorin bidness, photoshop? or actually there? Awesome either way

    15. ZORIN DENU 50 months ago | reply

      All the logos are Photoshoped, thanks man!

    16. Cpt. Freedom - VRWZombie 37 months ago | reply

      whats the name of that rifle, please?

    17. ZORIN DENU 37 months ago | reply

      I call it “REAPER” LOL As far as who it is made by, it is Savage 10 FP Tactical with a Choate ultimate sniper stock. A 20MOA Badger Ordnance Base, TPS rings, and a SWFA SS 20x42 Tactical Scope.

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