Stuart is 1 and 1/2 years old and my little trouble maker.
I had always wanted a white cat and looked on craigslist for a kitten. Found this family that had white kittens. So we went to check them out. She had two little flame point boys. I chose the spunkiest one of the two. I probably should have taken the other one. Stuart is a character. He is the only cat that will play with all the other cats. He's been a good big brother to the kittens. He's a very loving and sweet cat when he's in the mood. But he loves to tear up paper towel rolls and TP rolls, newsparer, any paper he will bite off and the kittens will then play with it making a mess. He also loves to tear carbord boxes and paper bags apart.. So there's always small pieces of paper on the floor all the time. He also loves to play with Winston. They wrestle and chase each other.
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