I get a lot of questions about how I prepare my videos. Here are some tips:

1) Please take a look at the Machinima and Video Recording pages in the second life Wiki, and Torley's Video Tutorial creation process page. Everything is there. Really!

If you still want to do how I do film my stuff, here's how:

2) The built-in video capture feature of the SL client is broken, deprecated, and will be removed in a future release. There are a number of programs to capture video, I'm using FRAPS, it's unexpensive and works very well.

3) I'm using Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum for editing. Again, it's unexpensive and it has a lot of nice features.

4) I shoot all my footage at 1024x768, 30 fps. To generate the uploadable movies, I create Windows Media 9 movies at 640x480, 23.9 fps, "good" quality, music at VBR quality.

5) The extreme WindLight settings I use come from experimenting. I start with some extreme preset, like "Sailor's delight", and begin to play with the sliders.

6) You can get really amazing effects with water by playing with the Fresnel parameters.
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