tesla- almost done

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    Nikola Tesla holding his plasma rifle like a gentleman.
    he still needs some sort of backpack device...but i think i'm done with him. now on to his partner in this piece...

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    1. leonryan.com 55 months ago | reply

      i could really see a jacob's ladder rising from his shoulders. awesome so far.

    2. V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber 55 months ago | reply


      How long until this is a TSHIRT?!?!?

      Fantastic! I wish I could favorite it more than once.

      : )

    3. Dr. Monster 55 months ago | reply

      leon- that's what i was going to incorporate into the backpack- but shoulder mounted would be good too- may have to swipe that ;)

      v&a -i'll sub the final to threadless.com first, and we'll see if it get's picked up. keep in mind it's only like 1/3rd done! :) (one other character and a premise background)

    4. Goran Patlejch 55 months ago | reply

      Just a nitpick: Nikola, not Nikolai. :)

    5. Dr. Monster 55 months ago | reply

      you are totally right- that's what i get for posting half asleep. fixed

    6. flasheja 55 months ago | reply

      are you reading jeff smith's Rasl?

    7. Dr. Monster 55 months ago | reply

      nope- never heard of it...same jeff smith that did bone? i haven't kept up with any comics in too long...

    8. flasheja 55 months ago | reply

      yes, he did this comic called Rasl, it's about parallel universes and Tesla. Its being published right now, it's fun, though a little heavy on Tesla's history sometimes.

    9. la.furia 54 months ago | reply

      I almost fainted! ;)

    10. Guillaume Perreault 54 months ago | reply

      Tesla the time traveling avenger...I think we got something here...

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