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    update! both versions available at

    couldn't decide if i like the lavender or mint chocolate version more, so i'll sell both of them. the lavender is truer to the original movie box and poster art, but the green is decidedly retro-french. not many people other than purists will go for the purple as you don't see it much in home decor, but....

    finally dug this project out and fixed bowie's white collar which looked like bunny ears on sarah, into one that at least can double symbolically as a 'crown' since he wanted her to become his queen.

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    1. 50 months ago | reply

      i'd vote lavender.
      i'm still waiting to marry jennifer connelly since this movie.

    2. Dr. Monster 50 months ago | reply

      as a kid i really didn't have the hots for her in this. guess i bloomed late. didn't think she was hot until Rocketeer.

      which, btw would be too easy of a poster for me to do in my retro poster styles :D

    3. Orphan Elliott 50 months ago | reply

      I dig the green!
      and I also dug Connelly, like mad as a kid.

    4. fleamo 50 months ago | reply

      Was just going to say, she's definitely not hot enough in this poster.

    5. Trife Life 50 months ago | reply

      The maze in the back is such a nice touch.

    6. pierrey 50 months ago | reply


      And Connely shot-put me through puberty when I saw her nekkid in 'the hot spot'. The glory of sleeping over at a friend's house when the parents aren't around!

    7. DanMadia 50 months ago | reply

      Wow, these are beautiful.

    8. xolta_99 50 months ago | reply

      I like green better.

    9. slaterman23 50 months ago | reply

      green for sure. This is outstanding.

    10. Amanda Flagg 50 months ago | reply

      Oh now I'm excited about a Rocketeer poster :(

      This is fabulous! <3

    11. Dr. Monster 50 months ago | reply

      just put them up on a couple of minutes ago :)

      rocketeer may still happen, i'll just have to be more creative than a big helmet profile in pure deco style.

    12. D79 Design 49 months ago | reply


      Labyrinth one of my girlfriends favourite movies, sent her a link to your prints and she loves them..(as do I!)

      We are buying one tonight..

    13. Amanda Flagg 49 months ago | reply

      Yay! Rocketeer! I kind of also want to see a Bioshock poster :)

    14. slaterman23 49 months ago | reply

      I absolutely second a Bioshock poster. And definitely a fallout poster.

    15. D79 Design 49 months ago | reply

      I third a bioshock poster.

    16. Banana-Tron 49 months ago | reply

      i have to get these for my friend, she's a maniac for anything with Bowie. Her b-day is coming soon!

    17. mrs.corgan 49 months ago | reply

      absolutly gorgeous work!adorable

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