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DJ Harvey | by Paul Zollo
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DJ Harvey

He was on a bicycle

on the Venice Boardwalk

on August 9th, the sun

very much

in the heart of Leo,

on this, the anniversary

of the bombing of Nagasaki

and the resignation of Richard Nixon

and the murder of Sharon Tate

by the Manson gang.


I liked his necklace of flowers and

his celebratory vibe. I asked him if

I could take his photo, and he cheerfully

consented. We spoke, and I heard his

British accent. Told me he was born

and raised in the UK - but has lived in

Venice for five years. "I love it here," he

said with a brilliant smile. "Though it's

getting a little hot..." Living as I do inland -

where it's about 20 degrees hotter than

here at the beach, with the cooling winds

singing in off the Pacific - I shared not his

opinion about the heat. Felt damn good to me.

"I think I might need a dip in the ocean," he said.

I agreed that it didn't sound like a bad idea.


"If you put that picture on the internet," he said,

somehow gazing directly into my secret mind,

"make sure you say I'm DJ Harvey. I'm a music

man." I promised I would.


This is, by the by, one of the only photos

i've ever posted that I didn't crop. I was about to-

and then realized no crop was necessary - as I like

the frame of people walking and skating on the

old boardwalk and the palm tree and on the other

side the t-shirts of a young Johnny Cash and


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Taken on August 10, 2006