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Walking around Hollywood, I saw her

sitting in front of the old Janes House on

Hollywood Boulevard.


The Janes house, which is the oldest

existing Victorian house in Hollywood,

was once a school attended by the children

of famous movie-folk, including

Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks

and Cecil B. DeMille. Pushed back 50

feet from its old location, it's now the

Memphis Restaurant.


I asked her if I could take her photo,

and she smiled beautifully, and I knew

I could get a great photo. "But I don't

even have any makeup on!" she said.

"I haven't even combed my hair." I promised

her she didn't need any makeup, and she

certainly doesn't. She resisted, and

we talked back and forth, and she laughed,

and was happy with my insistence that no

makeup was needed.


"But why do fashion models

always wear so much makeup?" she asked. I said

it was because there were intense lights, and that

they wanted to look glamorous, and most of them

didn't have that natural great look that she has. This sufficed,

and she consented. Which made me very



"When I was a kid, I thought of being an

actress or a model," she said. I told her

she could certainly be a model. She said,

"But I'm only 5'2"!"


She told me that instead of following that

dream, she decided instead to pursue a serious

career, and is now majoring in psychology at

Pepperdine, which is a beautiful college out in



I showed her some of the photos in my camera

after I took them - I took many, of course -

and she smiled, and seemed glad about

how they looked, and laughed and said,

"I didn't think I would look that good."


I did.

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Taken on June 9, 2006