Bud In September

Here's a new portrait

of old Bud, who has been featured

many times in this stream of

images. Almost every day you can

find him outside in front of

the McDonald's on Ventura

near Trader Joe's - in

Studio City. He drinks coffee,

reads a newspaper. Because

he is never clean - his

fingernails are black -

and he is snaggle-toothed

and pushes a cart of

belongings, I assumed he

was homeless and stated

he was here at first.

But he's not. An elderly woman

saw me offer him a dollar

many months ago -

which he accepted -

and said I needn't give

him money, that he owns

a house - it used to belong

to his sister - and he has

money. I'll admit

few things intigue me more

than the thought of following

him some day -

as he leaves his McDonald's

perch -

back to his house

to see what life there

might be like.

He rarely if ever smiles -

but on this occasion -

a beautiful sunny day in which

I got my beamish boy some

McDonald's yummies, which

he loves (while I ate sushi

and fresh papaya from TJs) -

I requested a smile

and Bud smiled

this smile

at me.

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Taken on September 16, 2007