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Mountain Dew

Milo - Selective Color Test Mountain Dew What? She Can Be Aspiring Too Colors 3 Wise Monkeys Zack Oh, Irony. [7/365] Midnight Revisited [12/365] In the Air [13/365] Sinner They Got Me.. [14/365] Valentines Day [15/365] I Can Float [22/365] The Notebook was Better... [24/365] Numb [32/365] The Forgotten [34/365] Oh...the horror... [39/365] Not Falling [50/365] Levitation

The one thing in photography other than reflections that I can't stop doing...

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Tessa Yoder says:

I love your selective color. I suppose I caused your addiction and I'm truly sorry about that. Not. :P I need to do more selective color, its been forever!
Posted 76 months ago. ( permalink )

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