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    While I was working in my study, I heard a slight tap at my window and went to see what it was. My house is a chalet bungalow which means that the upstairs rooms are partly in the roof and a gutter runs some distance below the window so when I look out I can see into the guttering below. There I saw a great tit and the origin of the tap was clear. There was nothing I could do. The guttering is too high for me to reach even with a step ladder. The bird moved a little and then stopped so I knew the poor little sausage had very likely broken its neck. But I checked a minute later and it was still. So I returned to my study and wept a bit for how unfair fate is, it looked like a young bird and I was angry for how things like that could happen and angry with myself for not having the blinds down and for having a house just at that point where it wanted to fly. I returned to the window later, wondering how I could give it a decent burial and there was no sign of it. I searched the garden to make sure... Nothing... so I assume that it had simply stunned itself, finally regained consciousness and flown off! In which case although fate had planted my house here it had given the bird a chalet bungalow with a slope from the window to slide down and a gutter to catch him/her. A fall from window height would have most certainly led to death. Anyway, the bird as they say had flown... And no this wasn't the image planned for 'Gone' but serendipity dictates it has to be here.

    Cropped and converted to B&W in PictureProject (these two feathers were tiny... less than a centimetre.

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    1. Zixii 96 months ago | reply

      *Gracie There's nothing else that could have happened to it but I do wish I'd seen it come round... it must have been a strange experience for the poor little thing. As I say, a different shaped house and it wouldn't be here to tell the tale. I don't cope well with *witnessing* suffering Gracie - I always wish it could be me rather than whomever (and I include birds and animals in there) I'm seeing in distress. I think I cope better than everyone else! Arrogant huh?! :-D

      suburbandk thank you :-)

    2. smkybear 96 months ago | reply

      OOOOOHHHH - poor little thing. Windows are such a death trap for birds. Nice story - sorry you had to go through that!! Thanks for the picture to share :>( Nice capture of the feathers - memories...

    3. stelj [deleted] 96 months ago | reply

      An exquisite photo to capture the memory of your story that turned out well in the end! :-) The B&W treatment makes these tiny feathers look so ethereal. Both the photo and the story make a very beautiful last entry for your project!!

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    4. charles_six 96 months ago | reply

      c'est superbe.
      Ondirait une plume d'ange :)

    5. Zixii 96 months ago | reply

      thanks everyone for the comments on this photo and the invites too. It's not a picture I could have taken had the outcome been a sad one but I really was over-joyed! I expect that little one will be avoiding houses in the future :-)

    6. NatureWalk 96 months ago | reply

      Wow - you had me tearing up. I had an indigo bunting stun itself the other day and I almost broke my leg running outside! When I got to it, it kind of shook itself off and flew away. I totally understand the relief you must have felt!

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    7. Enza. 96 months ago | reply

      I've never seen so much emotion in a still-life shot. Love it.

    8. *Susie* 96 months ago | reply

      Your usual exquisite detail but with a different subject - I really like your recent departures into sepia and black anfd white - and I like to think of this little bird flying free after it's unfortunate first attemp at flight!

    9. Zixii 96 months ago | reply

      thanks all three of you. I'd seen a bird die like that when I was 11 and it had a huge impact on me at the time. I'm afraid I just return to 11 and am beyond all reason. It just seems like such a cruel and pointless death. I can accept something swooping out of the sky and taking a bird for lunch but that - no. I can't. Evidently Fate also agreed that she was being unreasonable :-D

    10. WatscapePhoto 96 months ago | reply

      Beautiful delicate and detailed image. poignant story too.

    11. joethefig 96 months ago | reply

      Great detail.........Very nice......

    12. rj: photography 96 months ago | reply

      Wow! This is quite an amazing image.

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    13. Zixii 96 months ago | reply

      thanks everyone for the comments, faves and invites on this pic!

    14. ria3 96 months ago | reply

      Thanks for your comment on my image.
      This is a very poignant shot considering the circumstances as I class white feathers as Guardian Angels. Say no more….

    15. Zixii 96 months ago | reply

      ria3 thank you. I hope you're right and that little one is now followed by a guardian angel :-)

    16. Ottoman42 95 months ago | reply

      I absolutely love it. The image is very fitting to the story and is amazing clear for how small they were. Thanks for sharing this, with us.I also like the graininess gives it a nice dated feel.

    17. Zixii 95 months ago | reply

      Ottoman42 thank you :-)

    18. petite_noire 95 months ago | reply

      thank you for such a nice comment! This was in great!!! Love it!

    19. Zixii 95 months ago | reply

      petite_noir thank you :-)

    20. drukaman *andré ferreira* 92 months ago | reply

      wow.. fantastic capture!

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