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Will, drop my brass panties - you feel my text up | by LastHuckleBerry
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Will, drop my brass panties - you feel my text up

Heres the thing, I'm not as worried about my smart devises interfering with my idea of privacy as much as i worry about global warming or my soul, besides am twisted enough to probably love the attention more than the privacy as long as it was anonymous interactive, funny and kind. On the other hand, the thing is, what is all this electro magnetic energy, data, accumulated, molecules electrons neutrinos, carbons clusters, ions (some tech-no weeny can laugh madly here haha ikr idk !) whatever the fuck makes up the signal carrying energies that shoots through these invisible smart routs or pathways and layers; well THAT. ----WHATS that, doing to me and everyone? I think its these technologies are coming so hot of the plate that they are not tested for deadly affects,long term, let alone any affect except just ones people are interested in having or the ones that have the most influence physically and mentally on people, thus, make the most money. No safety studies were published that I know of first before obama singed a law that said every new appliance and electronic household/auto item sold new here in the usa now will be smart capable. (even candy coating the whole green thing to make it seem like for the global best) Maybe for the Corp Best not the biological global best. These technologies are microwave electro magnetic streams of information saturating our earths surface and penetrating through everyone animal and living thing in the billions of little and massive accumulated pathways. While Universities gain funds to create awareness of global warming, which, I definitely believe is crucial, why cant I find anything that supports the possibility all of our beloved phones, tablets, and televisions and now all household smart gadgetry, plus all the commercial big and small data, the world wide -all this core to life as it is now and is using microwave bandwidth-(or renamed electro-magnetic to sound safer than the radiation that all of these really do emit).-----THAT this may possibly have the entire planet on a defrost cycle?--------I wonder this to myself while (thinking of course not, silly me Idk) watching sat tv the discovery channel. As the scientists in the arctic using his cell phone or connected camera sends real time live feed of videos of polar bears drowning in the ocean stranded, as ice melts under their feet. A world so connected we can all be privy to anyone persons view of events if he so shares it, just like the scientist recording the polar crisis, with each our gadgets, at least those of us who are living above slavery, even the homeless and unemployed receive cell phones in usa anyway, would consider perhaps these are the very things accumulating the major cause of Global warming? No matter how complicated the other causes are, wouldnt that be tragically Ironic? Especially if because of a human love of these are instead collectively willing to look with but away from that and only address less obvious, causes of the climate crisis.Just because I've never even seen anything suggesting sat/cell/smart meter/cell& satellite tower based electro magnetic communication even as a possible factor in this fairly recent escalating crisis, of global warming, Im inclined to have 2 fundamental self made and hopefully flawed, ;-) conclusions to chose from #1) All humans, no mater if in Scientific data, Commercial use, Gov use, Public or Private, as groups or individuals All humans love our electronically connected gadgets as much as we love our own loved ones or may be as even as much as we love an arm or a leg and that it would take losing more then even our very lives before we would personally or collectively even consider going back to not using them.This would be 1000 times more difficult to accomplish than solving our current rapidly escalating globe-wide deadly weather effects. Especially if the use of these electronics would be considered to be the far greater cause of the climate crisis. --- OR Conclusion #2: My limited grasp of knowledge of the dangerous radiation emitted from my smart phone my pc my laptop my smart meter those cell towers on the hills by my house, my awareness that I'm just one of many using the same products and I dont know how to do algebra let alone calculate bandwidth or signaling or how to even program or assemble such products so suddenly radiation is very safe just based on my observation of how eventual it is to likely die from and how much more a worthwhile popular an addiction then the deadly ones and it is not an addiction because it is a tool and is far more an interaction then say most leisure entertainment activities, like reading a book or watching tv. (which are now also part of the connected electronic generation anyway) That I really dont know much about any electronics, let alone learning to use my phone, or tv, antique or new radio device except how to push a button, or raise a simple antenna or change a battery or a bulb. I even eat food I've radiated (Fast result orientated) I only know dont stand in front of the door. Only my wildest imagination would allow me to think my logic is reasonable about my first conclusion. Especially considering I know the my second conclusion is based on my knowledge of the lack of having enough of it because I myself would rather think totally incorrect about this as a cause so I can continue to go on using my connected gadgets just like writing this, consciously or unconsciously, any vaguely literate, I dont care to quit and dont do guilt or responsibility much! These apples are the sweet ones what was the other tree and curiosity keeps the soul inspired, why does it get confused for doubt, hence snowballing the current plague if it. Why have I not been inclined to be about unity, if everyones thinking alike, they likely stopped altogether, sold on the sigals of a critical agenda. Ego or ascension curve? Well then solid ground is wonderful too .-------------------------------GOT FEEDBACK? My troll projected trans textual selfy (not core me I am) ties the Query ramble to a tumble weed at a tiny oasis, in the machine, in my metaphor! The Meta's for. Bonus answer: --What is an TXT.LKJ File? Typo? So many answers it seems like having a problem just might actually be the least from the grid of existence aside from which where many people barely exist.... and we dont read them despite any and all perspective. The really great news is the negative tone spell checker app is out tonecheck -Happiness is our shared social agenda well aintl that a switch? Pain Webber and Eliot wave! Swell Olive! Soon maybe another checker for silly thought overflow! No, seriously. Its life at the Popsicle stand!

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Uploaded on April 25, 2015