Guiyu e-waste

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    Guiyu is one of the biggest e-waste centers of the world. More than a million ton of e-waste is dismantled in this Chinese village every year. Women, children and man work under terrible conditions to extract all the precious metals from circuit boards, computers, ic's and other electronics.

    They often burn the plastics, circuit boards and ic's in open air without protection in order to extract the melted copper or tin. Despite the ratification of the Basel-agreement, a lot of international branded gadgets end up illegally in Guiyu.

    This man assembles plastic waste from waste-dumps to try to resell it.

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    1. jessieb913 72 months ago | reply

      these pictures are sad but thank you for posting them to make others aware of the problems with ewaste!

    2. Component Broker 68 months ago | reply

      ERAI , ERAIESCROW can have their offices here in Guiyu. May be then sales of counterfeits from these towns can be regulated and improved. Right now ERAI is only helping Gungzhou and Shenzhen traders to export goods from China to USA and rest of world.
      Obsolete parts from China ( removed from trash) are in big demand for US military, pentagon and NASA. Without which billions of dollars worth Aircraft and other equipments would be scrapped.
      75 % of substandard produce of china ( components) pass through American independent brokers, for America and further selling with American tags and labels.

      More Chinese suppliers from here require help of Kristal and Mark Snider in selling their products to America efficiently with the help of their platform like erai, eraiescrow, parthunter, iaed etc.
      We need people at ERAI folks to manage billion dollar counterfeit component industry between America and China. Better escrow service and inspections are required for the known counterfeits to be put to use for American military.

    3. Component Broker 66 months ago | reply

      Many American agencies like and their networked brokers who buy cheap parts for fat profit, are responsible for developing and pushing counterfeit industry to its peak.
      Most counterfeits of obsolete parts are traded by American brokers produced in China.
      visit another video with evidences:


    4. Al Jazeera English 52 months ago | reply

      Dear Mr. van Dijk,

      Impressive photo, especially considering you only used an iPhone to take it! We would like to use this image (cropped and resized only) in a photo gallery we are putting together about global e-waste. We will link to your CC license and to this page for attribution.

      Thanks much and please let us know if this is an issue.

    5. casey01122000 50 months ago | reply

      Dear Bert,

      I am a teacher at Hong Kong University and we are publishing a book with our Urban Design students this year about the PRD. There is a short article on pollution-I was wondering if we could use your image for the book? That would be great..its called a Travelers guide to south China-in a not too serious meaning. Thanks Claudia -Great photos!

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