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Booted Warbler | by ZILL NIAZI
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Booted Warbler

It took me three hours to snap a few useable shots of this warbler. It was so small that my 300mm lens fell short and I had no choice but to get closer and sit still for hours before they noticed I was there and came close. The next challenge was to capture their erratic bahviour. I wonder how their brain processes the information so quick. They seem to have mercury running in their veins for they sit still for less than a second.


The Booted Warbler (Iduna caligata) is an Old World warbler in the tree warbler group. It was formerly considered to be conspecific with Sykes' Warbler, but the two are now usually both afforded species status. Booted Warbler itself breeds from central Russia to western China, and migrates to winter in the Indian subcontinent as far south as Sri Lanka. It is a small passerine bird, found in open country with bushes and other tall vegetation. 3-4 eggs are laid in a nest in a bush or vegetation. Like most warblers they are insectivorous.


These are small warblers, especially compared to others in their genus. They are pale brown (weak tea colour) above and whitish below with buff flanks. The outer tail feathers have pale edges. They have a short pale supercilium, and the bill is strong and pointed. Sykes's is larger and greyer than Booted, and most resembles an Eastern Olivaceous Warbler.


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Taken on February 25, 2012