madrigal: 8 weeks

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    (This shot cracks me UP, because she's totally shooting the finger gun at her daddy! Hooray for serendipity!)

    This week, my dear, was a pretty good one for us, except for one thing: SLEEP. You got a bit better at the end of the week, but for awhile there, you just didn't feel like sleeping at night, and that was pretty rough! We still need to work on figuring out your nighttime needs.

    But otherwise, you're so much happier now that we've figured out how to respond to your needs better. You love hanging out with mama in the carrier all day. Nursing in the carrier makes you happy, and seems to help with your reflux issues, too (and it's just plain easier for mama, given how often you want to nurse!). And when you're not in the carrier, you're often happy to lay on your back and coo at us on the bed, as long as you can make eye contact. You LOVE eye contact.

    You went into campus with mama this week, and got to meet a lot of her friends and co-workers. Everyone loved you! You were so mellow, it was easy to be out and about with you - hardly any different from being home, since mama wears you all the time either way.

    You are so very loved, baby girl!

    1. GirlReaction Crafts 39 months ago | reply

      YES the finger gun is awesome. who YOU talkin' to?

    2. carrieoke13 39 months ago | reply

      this is such an adorable picture. it sounds like you guys are really figuring out what makes her happy :)

    3. aswim in knits 39 months ago | reply

      I love the froggy feet.

    4. zigeunerweisen 39 months ago | reply

      I think we are, but who knows...babies are so full of surprises!

      Me too :)

    5. lauren*o 39 months ago | reply

      omg this is hilarious.

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