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“就好像是我从国小三年级的时候,我就拿到的一个非常非常大的礼物盒子。当我花了好几年,很多很多努力,才把这个盒子打开的时候,我才发现居然这个盒子里面什么东西都没有。就只有一张老天爷给我的纸条,上面写着,你去吃大便吧。” --------台湾作家九把刀。 "it's like i got a huge gift at the age of 10. i was so excited! however,after many years effort,when i managed to open the box, i finded out that there's nothing but only a tiny stick lying inside,saying"go eat the shit.." " this is from a speech by a taiwan writer jiubadao... he used to thought himself had talent in drawing...and everyone admired his inspiration, however after several years he realised that he could never be successful by drawing comic books... and now he's a famous writer

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Taken on November 20, 2011