Movements in Stillness
'Movements in Stillness' is a series of paintings created with the intention to capture motion in paintings.

My initial sketches used only lines and explored the motion of the human body as a first step towards forming a complete idea.

I also experimented with cloths and tissue in motion to support the movement in the sketches (Sketches

In the idea-­‐forming process I began to see the contrast between elegant lines and flowing forms. (Sketch 5), between the colourful and the colourless (Sketch 6).

Drawing inspiration from a combination of asian line‐art (Gong bi hua) and western colour theory, I started to combine both (see Trial 1).

Slowly, the initially perceived contrast between the inherently still nature of paintings and the elegant dynamics of movements began to turn into complementation.

The resulting series of paintings (see Paintings 1-3 for examples) uses a combination of line-art and watercolours to depict the title of the series: Movement in Stillness.

The recurring theme is the complement of stillness and movement, of lines and surfaces, of the colourful and the colourless, of western and eastern approaches, of really just one idea: Unity of contrasts.
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