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This Was Bat Number 8, 8-8-08

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This is day 8 of my family's attempt to get the bats out of our house. We put escape chutes on the outside of our house so they can get out but not back in. So instead of going through that the bats decided to go another way, into our house! So we've been using a bug catching net to scoop the little guys off our walls and even catching them in mid air. This little bugger was actually the 8th bat I was able to catch this month. I released it outside and after it jumped off the net it fell on it's back and was quite cranky. So seriously, we first saw bats 8 days ago, and this was the 8th bat I caught in that time (I went on to catch plenty more) and this one was on 8-8-08!

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  1. tanja3703 100 months ago | reply

    Oh boy can I relate! Had them critters flying around the house for too long. Finally called Ben Vaughan of Bat Control Specialists from London Ontario... Haven't seen a bat since!

  2. Sexecutioner 94 months ago | reply

    ...are calling you!

    Please JOIN us and add your outstanding picture to…


    (the group for photos of nocturnal animals)

  3. Sexecutioner 94 months ago | reply

    Your photograph is a light in the darkness!

    Thanks for adding to

    (the group for photos of nocturnal animals)

  4. MaurizioLarranaga 88 months ago | reply

    Thought about setting up a bat house nearby? For them, it is also their home :)

  5. Zeusandhera 88 months ago | reply

    We already have a bat house, we just so happen to have dozens of holes in our house because it's 130 years old. This year wasn't actually as bad though because we patched up the more of the holes.

  6. MaurizioLarranaga 88 months ago | reply

    Cool, then all you need is to flip the house and make it attractive to them :)
    After a 130 years though they may have a good case in court.
    Tracy's link has an interesting design since it is attached to the structure mimicking the house... perhaps something along those lines... g'luck.
    Mine just come for the papayas... they do not want to move in, just eat.

    Poor little guys, after all that flying they need to rest somewhere :(

    Justin (Artibeus jamaicensis)

  7. RanFlash 76 months ago | reply

    WOW! Crazy story! Glad you got the bats out!
    This is a great photo - congrats on your bravery of getting the shot. =)

    I wanted to let you know that I used this image (with attribution to your flickr user name) in an iPad app called The DumDumb Exam HD:

  8. Cameron_hf 66 months ago | reply


    Your photograph is a light in the darkness!

    Thanks for adding to

    (the group for photos of nocturnal animals)

  9. Lucky-Designs 65 months ago | reply

    I used this (with credit to you) in a photomanipulation, found here: luckydesigns.deviantart.com/art/skeptic-245542044
    Hope this is alright, if you have any questions or problems just let me know. :)

  10. Prairiekittin 55 months ago | reply

    Thank you for adding a CC license to this. I used this here:
    Bad Moon Rising
    Thank you!

  11. Frontierofficial 41 months ago | reply

    Great Picture. This was used by www.frontiergap.com on our blog piece www.gapyearblog.info/science-club/2013/7/31/getting-our-t... Thanks for sharing!

  12. andrewtoskin 29 months ago | reply

    Hello! I really like this picture. I used it to make a comic, which you can see here -- curefornightmares.com/short-stories/nostrils -- if you're curious.

    I linked to you here on Flickr, but I could attribute you some other way, if you prefer.

  13. amgadapps 26 months ago | reply

    thanks for the awesome image. I have used it in my guessing iphone game "4 Hints 1 Animal".

    Here is the link to the game:

    The game will be live in apple store October 23, 2014, please go check it out and rate it or share it.

    If you have any questions or any concerns please email me at amgadapps@yahoo.com.

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