• Falta retocar, la velocidad de la fotografia no conuerda con la congelacion de la rueda. - Zis_Zas
  • Aquaplaning ;-)
  • ZIz Zas, interesante observacion, seria un tema interesante para discutir en cuna clase de fisica. Creo que la zonas mas cercanas al eje de la rueda no deberian verse tan borrosas ya que van a una velocidad similar al al del camion. Puede haber efectos estroboscopicos tambien. - Atomico
  • such a calm face...
    must feel like run of the mill - connor doyle
  • Notice how the blur "softens" around their bodies? Evidence of photoshopping in a motion blur. - StacyRG
  • missed this spot - EPCI WIN RITE GUYSE?
  • Sabía que la foto era de Perú, esas zapatillas no se encuentran tan fácilmente en otra parte :D - NENENIRVANA
  • I agree. It's still a nice shot, though. - cabbit
  • Frenos? - jalubami
  • Yeah, but the motion blur makes this photo. Without it, the BG would be distracting. Still, I'm not above PSing an image to make it do what I want. - DB-Photography
  • So if the truck straddles a pot hole the kids get a shock! No-wonder there are many fatalities! Hate to see the truck stop suddenly, maybe this is on a long slow climb up the hill! - spelio


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Soapbox riders in Perú, on the road from Huánuco to Tingo Maria, where the highway from the Pacific coast across the Andes finds its way towards the Amazon lowlands. This is near the top of the last mountain pass. From there, soapbox riders can enjoy a vertical 1000 meters of gravity assisted ride.

Since these kids help stranded truck drivers along the road, they're called bomberos (firemen). They transport drinks, food and spare parts to broken trucks.

Thanks to ZU from Perú for additional info:

"I usually use that highway go to work. I saw a lot of those cases of children with their skateboard or a board with wheels (artesanal) (those wheels are metallic and they tolerate the speed) they have had many fatal accidents and some times they do it for work like "fireman", I work for this highway 4 years, most of them are poor children that don't have money neither for the bus ticket, to move from a place to another in long distances and some for "enjoy"."


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  1. Darius twin 40 months ago | reply

    incredible capture

  2. Rodeographer 39 months ago | reply

    Great shot, and good way to die young - should the truck driver make an emergency stop.

  3. spelio 36 months ago | reply

    You have to be kidding! What a bad example to set kids!

  4. .O.. 36 months ago | reply


  5. WenshoCadenas 36 months ago | reply

    buena fotografía!

  6. Tetley T 36 months ago | reply

    Great shot!

  7. Vinylone AFS + NO trades 35 months ago | reply

    masterpiece shot, and amazing action of those boys. But great to read that they help stranded truckers. That gives another meaning to the picture.

    I hope lot of people read the the text too.

  8. Mz Burn 33 months ago | reply

    Wow!!!...this is one of a kind picture. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Liam Skelly 32 months ago | reply

    An amazing shot ! .

  10. Mr. Emagal 32 months ago | reply

    we would proud to have your photo here Street Life, Real Life

  11. ragel rey 31 months ago | reply

    omg, this is so dangerous.
    a great capture.

  12. ACPerona 26 months ago | reply

    Lovely shot!

  13. Matt in Malawi 17 months ago | reply

    Great shot, tells the story well!

  14. ayoye 15 months ago | reply

    Wow...almost looks like an attempted suicide. A great shot indeed. FAV.

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