I started the Lifeworld project in 2012. The goal of the project is to create 108 square paintings. Each painting is 20 inches square (approximately 50 cm square), except for a couple of early ones which are 24x24" square (60cm2). 108 is the number of prayer beads in the Buddhist japa mala. The number is given various meanings in Buddhist cosmology and may additionally simply refer to any proverbial big number.
This project is therefore a kind of prayer or meditation on the artistic process, and on the artist's relationship with his environment -- what I'm calling a Lifeworld.
I see each Lifeworld as a snapshot of a particular state of mind formed when the artist encounters his subject. Although frequently quite abstract, each painting results from the process of observing my surroundings. The square is both the container for the composition and also one of its principal motifs.
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