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Tabena (Maneater Dress) | by Zephos
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Tabena (Maneater Dress)

Introducing Tabena! The main character for a side story experiment titled "All You Can Eat!". They say write what you know, and if it's anything myself and three generations of my family know, it is how to drive an all you can eat restaurant out of business (Which is sad, because I usually really like the ones that end up closing X_x).


"All You Can Eat!" is the story of two girls and a whole lot of food in between them in the world of over the top eating contests, mob run rival all you can eat restaurants and mostly insane professional gluttons known as "Vores" with borderline supernatural abilities that are completely useless for anything but eating.


Tabena Fibonacci, better know around the Vore Circuit as "Maneater" is a bulimic binge eater who after getting dumped by the highschool love of her life is discovered by a talent scout while drowning her sorrows with food as being to actually eat more than two times her own weight when in utter emotional distress. Not only that, but being stressed out actually kicks her metabolism into overdrive and allows her to vaporize food at a rate almost as fast as she can eat it, meaning that as long as she eats in that particular emotional state, she will never put on weight.


Unfortunately, Tabena still doesn't have the whole chronic vomiting thing under control which results in her getting instantly disqualified at most eating contests unless she controls her unwarranted guilt and low esteem issues, but despite that she is a rising star among the ranks of the Vore.

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Taken in May 2012