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Xynthica 2009 (Filibuster Dress) | by Zephos
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Xynthica 2009 (Filibuster Dress)

People who have been keeping track of my design of Xynthica over the last year might have noticed that with the exception of that one wild strand of hair on her left side, she's almost always perfectly symmetrical, so i decided to make an entire dress based on the concept of completely ruining that fashion trend! Introducing the Filibuster dress -- an asymmetrical nightmare in the making!


"Filibuster" is a pretty awesome word which basically means to obstruct or delay a political argument or action... so yeah, no relation to the actual dress, ahaha ~^_^~. In actuality, there's a character in the story with the same name as me who's obsessed with symmetry, particularly with Xynthica's look (just like me) and the Filibuster dress is Xyni's unintentional way of making him bash his head into a wall.


Lately I've been naming my dress designs after political tactics for no apparent reason, but I hope you still enjoy the new look ^_^. Ahahha, it just also occurred to me that Xyni is also left winged in this picture, ahahah, sorry, bad political humor ^_-.

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Taken on June 14, 2009