Passed Out Salaryman in the City

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    This photo was taken in Tokyo back in 2003 or 2004 while walking to my station on my way to work. This was a very busy thoroughfare. This guy was still passed out from a night of heavy drinking. I always wondered if these guys get up and go to work or if they go home.

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    1. Adventures of Tintin 114 months ago | reply

      probably thrown out by his wife.

    2. hellochris 114 months ago | reply

      you must add this picture to hiromy's superawesome salaryman group! ha, ha! in the states the only people who sleep like that are drunks!

    3. Spygirl 114 months ago | reply

      Sweet Dream! hahaha :D

    4. kogden 114 months ago | reply

      hahaha "it hurts to live"

    5. nicolacassa 114 months ago | reply

      Japan is so sad at times...

    6. !!wat_dat!! 114 months ago | reply

      don't miss that last train, dude! met a guy at a suidobashi bar once that had been sleeping at the bar everynght for the past ten years...

    7. subtle_3106 [deleted] 114 months ago | reply

      It's typical Spring view of

    8. rebecca~ [deleted] 114 months ago | reply

      this is hilarious.
      are they really called "salary men"? i've never heard this term before.

    9. Slave Unit 113 months ago | reply

      Only in Japan is where nobody'd steal your stuff even if you're passed out. :))

    10. Adventures of Tintin 113 months ago | reply

      But he said leave me alone, Im a salary man
      And my snore is much worse than my bite
      He said leave me alone, Im a salary man
      But if you push me too far I just might

      - sing to the tune of Hall and Oates' Family Man

    11. i didn't mean to go to Stoke 112 months ago | reply

      i cant take the strain anymore

    12. Mitsiko7 110 months ago | reply

      i guess he was a lil' tired...

    13. Adventures of Tintin 110 months ago | reply

      please join the Street Sleeping Group and post this picture.

    14. tirabaralla 109 months ago | reply

      I found this sad, not so funny... :\

    15. ZenzenOK 109 months ago | reply

      I don't see the sadness at all.

    16. Jiteo 84 months ago | reply

      Great shot! I just love the salaryman lifestyle (observing it, not living it haha).

      Seen in your Japan set. (?)

    17. sofarsocute '♩ignore faves ONLY' 75 months ago | reply

      It must have been another 'Very' though day at the office.
      Nice catch.

    18. guttersoup 69 months ago | reply

      Congratulations. This photo is being used to compliment a news headline from

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