***sending you love always***

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    Happy Christmas form all the creatures, we had enough snow for this special picture. Thank you for all the love and hope, may you be happy and safe always my darlings

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    1. Dieguita 64 months ago | reply

      Merry Christmas, Serena Thanks for all of your lovely words and images.

    2. pen3ya 64 months ago | reply

      Merry Christmas, Serena!
      Great to see Essie and Gus :-)
      Say "Hi" to your kitties for me, please :-)

    3. Rosita41 64 months ago | reply

      BEAUTIFUL!!! We used to often go visit the ducks,swans and geese
      at one of our favorite spots! The same crew were always there. Two
      of our best buddies were a couple of white geese that were VERY social and quite feisty! Sometimes naughty!!! Ha ha!! Their name were, "Bites" and "Frights"! One liked to nip and yank on pant legs and the other other was a hisser! Goodness were they a comical pair!Such a delight!!.......LOVE your picture of this pair! Their such COOL birds!! MARRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOURS!!!!

    4. ANOTHER ACCOUNT!!! [deleted] 64 months ago | reply

      Congrats seen in explore.

    5. agajag 64 months ago | reply

      nice shot!

      Please vote for my photo:

      Just push the bottom:

    6. r.AI (-) 64 months ago | reply

      Amazing photo!

    7. walgert 64 months ago | reply

      aren't they beautiful. love the shot

    8. Frans Peter Verheyen 64 months ago | reply

      Have a good 2010


    9. Hunts747 [deleted] 63 months ago | reply

    10. daniel-jones 63 months ago | reply

      This is really cool.

    11. Lynn Morag 60 months ago | reply

      Back again as still no word. Hope you are ok.

    12. Lynn Morag 51 months ago | reply

      Hope you are ok.

    13. Omri Suissa 51 months ago | reply


      (add me as a contact if you want :)

    14. lat454205 / Lisa 49 months ago | reply


      Great to see you posting on Shigemi's photostream.

      We need a new picture.

      How have you been ? We've missed you a lot. : )

    15. lat454205 / Lisa 48 months ago | reply

      Thank you for your nice post on my picture of Savior....oh how I miss him. There will never be another cat as special as he was. He saw me through a very horrible and trying time in 2006, never left my side and each time I opened my eyes....he was there laying tight beside me.....as if to watch over me as while I was in such bad shape.

      You have not posted since December of 2009.....I have missed you.

      You learn in life...that it is such a short journey we are on. None of us know if we are going to awaken the next day and be able to carry on.....or even awaken at all.

      You were one of my original flickr friends.....and I'm yearning to keep in touch with those special people.

      Please come back...Z.

      Post a picture and your true friends will "hopefully" see it and welcome you back with open arms too......no questions asked.

      Friendship and love...comes as a genuine gesture from deep within our hearts. We yearn to have your friendship and love back again. : )

      I'm glad to see that you're still on flickr....and I know, for myself, when things happen and we're away for a time...even for quite a long time.....it is very hard to come back.

      Give it a whirl and see what happens. Even if all you have to post is something as beautiful as a tree or the sky.....at least it will come from your heart....and for me, that's good enough. : )

    16. SarinaGito 46 months ago | reply

      awww so cute =)
      *returned comments are always welcomed and very much appreciated*

    17. Charlón 37 months ago | reply

      Buena toma.
      Un saludo.

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