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Angelina's Lament

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After you’ve looked up and over, glanced inside and out, peered around and behind, when you have double counted, triple checked, reviewed your notes and even confirmed the color on your feet and you still can’t find them.

Please don’t worry…

Nothing is lost, misplaced or come undone. They have just found their place at the corner of obscurity and nowhere. A place where life is fluffy, warm and brightly lit at four in the morning, a place where there are no microphones, no video tapes, no shifty men standing around after dark in sunglasses and subdued ties.

A nirvana known and desired by renegade socks throughout the universe... A place where they can finally say to one another “Did I find you or you find me?”

A place called Adam’s Square Laundromat.

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  1. Zen Cat 116 months ago | reply

    Cool, all i needed to compose this shot was a tripod, shorts and a pair of flip-flops. And my power point was a ham and cheese sandwich packed in the side of my camera bag.

    I like ham and cheese sandwiches.

  2. Neshamah Spirit Art 116 months ago | reply

    ha-ha, good sock story!

  3. Zen Cat 116 months ago | reply

    Thanks Tortuga, yeah if you hang around long enough in this parking lot you will eventually see a pirate come in looking for a decent sock.

  4. Pauline Brock 116 months ago | reply

    It looks so... clean...

  5. Zen Cat 116 months ago | reply

    Thanks Pauline.

  6. synecdoche 116 months ago | reply

    OK: parallel verticle lines which create interest and tension against the converging horizontal lines, a power point is grounded in the "laundry" sign, great use of negative space to create a frame within a frame, and beautiful symmetry.

    *blink, blink* Yeah, the negative space creates a kind of depth effect, making the laundromat look kind of... well, I want to say 3D, but that doesn't sound right. It kinda tricks the eye, looks like a solid square-ish thing rather than the flat front of something.

    Beth, I think I need to take your class...

  7. aileene [deleted] 116 months ago | reply

    Here,there is one(laundry) only...and it is opened from few months:-)
    Great shot;-)

  8. Zen Cat 116 months ago | reply

    ONE Laundromat Marina? This is not good. :(

  9. Zen Cat 116 months ago | reply

    Thanks Syndie... the building itself is on a slight slope.

    Nice to see ya back.


  10. -= Hobo =- [deleted] 116 months ago | reply

    It's a wonderful shot

  11. Pauline Brock 116 months ago | reply

    I think that in any genre of art, *rules* should be viewed as optional tools, not ends in themselves.

    (Yeah I know, nobody asked me.)

  12. Zen Cat 116 months ago | reply

    Not just in art but life in general. Hell, I have broken more than my share of rules over the years and still have a few more to break.. but most I use as a flashlight in a big old dark, dank and dusty cave.

  13. daniel suarez 115 months ago | reply

    very good picture... I enjoy seeing images like that...

  14. Zen Cat 115 months ago | reply

    Thanks Daniel, I really do like night photography and should get out and do more of it. Thanks again.

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